Russian tourists safe from scams


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Russian tourist agencies and operators will be required to use the system “E-ticket” so that clients could control the buying rounds. This was reported by “Izvestia”.

Tourists will be able to check the accuracy of the information on the purchased ticket. The operators will bring in about booking and paying for a packaged tour. Each purchase will be your number for the Russians will be able to track the booking and purchase of tickets.

Representatives of the tourism industry ambiguous attitude to this bill. According to the Vice-President of the Russian Union of travel industry Yuri Barzykin, the proposal to create such a system appeared not once, however, the finished product was never created. In addition, the system should be purely informational, to prevent the leakage of information about citizens.

However, the General Director of one of Russian travel companies have noticed that the appearance of such a system would benefit the tourist industry. The Russians are less afraid to be deceived, and will be able to ensure that the tour is really purchased.

The bill now prepares the Ministry of economic development, the system is scheduled to start in 2021. The publication says that thanks to online monitoring, the Ministry will be able to check the information about the legality of the sale of vouchers, and monitor the activities of participants of the tourist market.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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