Russian woman by a deceit has taken lesbian daughter to Azerbaijan and took her documents


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Viktor Korotayev / Kommersant

The inhabitant of Krasnoyarsk was abducted 18-year-old lesbian daughter Sevgi-Subhani Ismailov in Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, away from her documents, telephone and antidepressants. This friend of Ismayilova told the publication NGS24.

Ismailov nationality Azerbaijani descent, but was born in Norilsk, and lives in Krasnoyarsk and is studying at the Krasnoyarsk state medical University. The conflict of the girl’s mother started after she told her about their sexual orientation, and admitted that she has a lover. After another Sevgi care of the house mother tried to get her back, convinced the daughter that he loves her and accepts, and asked to come back.

When Ismailov returned home, the mother asked her to go with her to Azerbaijan. The girl agreed because my mother had a broken arm, but provided that then come back to Krasnoyarsk. She was supposed to return on 14 January, a few days everything was fine, but then mother took away her belongings and money.

The girl managed to run to a friend in Baku, but the family forced her to return, assuring them that they will return things, but didn’t. She managed to secretly write the friend from Krasnoyarsk a message with your phone brother, then she was gone and a few days later told me that her beat and bind, so she didn’t run away. Once again leaving the house, Ismayilova sent through the Embassy application in Krasnoyarsk, so she sent proof of identity. It again found and taken by force, and then she stopped communicating.

Krasnoyarsk girlfriend Sevgi told NGS24 that appealed to the Embassy, but it was redirected to the police — there she wrote the application for establishing its location. The interior Ministry confirmed this information, the Agency conducts an audit. Information about the disappearance of the girl was also spread by the volunteers and activists who support the LGBT community in Russia and Azerbaijan.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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