Speaking about the censorship in Russia operator was beaten with shouts of “NIT pentecosta”


www.vsyako.netLeonid Kryvenkove: RFE / RL

A former cameraman of the VGTRK media holding Leonid Krivenkov said that he was beaten by two unknown young men after he gave several interviews in which he talked about political censorship in Russia. As reports “Radio Liberty”, the attack happened on January 11.

According to 61-year-old Krivenkova, two unknown dog attacked him at the exit of the Park on the street of Marshal Chuikov in Moscow. The operator said that the attackers came from behind, knocked him to the ground and started kicking.

“The attackers shouted: “NIT pentecosta, we will teach you to love the Motherland”, “the fifth column, we will kill you”,” told and interface science. During the attack, the operator was able to knock down one of the intruders. Criminals ran at the sight of passers-by.

Krivenkov noticed that the attackers on sight 25-30 years, they are tall and have athletic. At the moment of attack they were in dark jackets.

The victim went to the emergency room, where he recorded a strong bruise of a thorax and a closed fracture of the nose. The operator also wrote a statement to the police.

Interface science and worked as a cameraman on “Russia 24” ten years — from 2006 to 2016. In January 2019, he gave an interview to “Radio Svoboda” about the falsification and censorship on TV. According to him, the remuneration system in the RTR allows the leadership with impunity to blackmail the employees. He also spoke with foreign journalists.

Earlier, the TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov said that the Russians like censorship on TV, because it gives them a reason to fight. According to him, censorship is just one of the restrictions that the Russians love to criticize.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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