The European Parliament responded to Putin’s words about the causes of the outbreak of the Second world


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The European Parliament responded to the words of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the reasons for the outbreak of the Second world war. It is reported by The New York Times.

Vice President of the European Commission responsible for the policy of preserving the European values and transparency, Faith Jourova in the discussion about world war II said that “rejects any false declarations” that put Poland the culprit, not a casualty of the war of 1939-1945. She added that it would not tolerate these attacks on Poland.

The leader of the European people’s party in the European Parliament Manfred Weber, in turn, said that attempts to justify the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact invalid. “We in the European people’s party can’t accept Putin’s attempts to rewrite history,” he said. In his opinion, it is this document between the Soviet Union and Germany led to the beginning of the war.

In December, Putin said Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was not guilty of direct contacts with the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler. “And the leaders of France and Britain met him, signed the papers,” said the Russian leader. According to the President, historical documents show who supported Nazism, and who is not. Putin recalled the signing of the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact, but added that the Soviet Union was the last government who agreed to negotiate with the Nazis, because at that time the country was left with them one on one.

The non-aggression Pact between Germany and the Soviet Union (the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact) was signed shortly before the Second world war, in August 1939, the foreign Ministers of the two countries. Thereafter, the parties participated in a Banquet, during which they discussed the development of Soviet-German relations. The table was set in the office of Chairman of the Council of people’s Commissars of the USSR Vyacheslav Molotov, where the Treaty was signed. During the feast, Joseph Stalin proposed a toast to Hitler and the German people.

The second world war began on 1 September 1939 with the Nazi invasion of Poland. September 17 at the Polish territory, Soviet troops entered. The result of the military operation was the partition of Poland between the Third Reich and the USSR.

A year after these events, in November 1940, Vyacheslav Molotov arrived in Germany for talks. During his three-day visit to Berlin, he held talks with Adolf Hitler and Joachim von Ribbentrop. During the talks discussed the issue of accession of the Union to the Pact of three powers (the Triple Alliance), but Molotov was instructed not to give consent. However, it is known that Moscow seriously considered the possibility.

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