The father of Meghan Markle decided to testify against the daughter


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The father of Meghan Markle Thomas said he was willing to appear in court and testify against his daughter. This was reported by the newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

It comes to the scandal with the publication of a personal letter to Megan the British tabloid The Mail on Sunday. Because the testimony of Thomas media will be able to build a stronger, writes The Daily Telegraph.

Documents that have already been filed in the court of London contain information about the deteriorating relationship between father and daughter at the same time as the wedding of Megan and Prince Harry.

In October, Megan filed a lawsuit for the publication of The Mail on Sunday and its parent company Associated Newspapers for publishing private correspondence with his father. Tabloid accused that journalists snatched the phrase out of context to manipulate the opinion of readers.

In February it was reported that Megan Markle after the wedding, wrote his father a letter asking you to stop seeing yourself as the victim in the media so they could build relationships. She also tried repeatedly to contact the father, but it was unsuccessful. However, Thomas Markle has repeatedly told reporters that her daughter and her husband do not want to communicate with him.

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