The former star of “Ural dumplings” was ordered to pay a show almost a million rubles


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The Moscow city court ordered the former star of “Ural dumplings”, last Director of the creative Association, Sergei Natascha to pay the team nearly a million rubles. According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the judge rejected the appeal of his company in the case of one of the editions of the show.

The decision was taken on 14 January and published on the court’s website. The appeal was filed by the company Natascha “first Hand media”. The court upheld the previous decision in force, resulting in “first Hand media” must pay “the Ural pelmeni” 870 thousand rubles.

The lawsuit is the first release of the program “Ural dumplings” from 2009 called “Ural dumplings — 16 years together. Because gladiolus!”

In a press-service “first Hand media” have declared that are surprised by the decision of the court as the income of the company divided between the artists, “who did not create it is a difficult audiovisual work, and acted only by actors and authors”. The company intends to Lodge an appeal.

Earlier it was reported that the staff of the show “Ural dumplings” filed another lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration court against the company Natascha. The plaintiffs intend to more than 200 million rubles for violation of trademark rights. The trial is scheduled for February 19.

The conflict in “the Ural pelmeni” has received wide publicity in 2015, when Natascha fired. On versions of the new leader, Sergei Isayev, the cause of death was a theft. Nitievskiy denies the allegations and calls them slander.

The former Director later decided to forbid colleagues to use the trademark “Ural dumplings”, but in the end of the proceedings the right to a mark is left for the actors of the show. Nitievskiy could sue creative enterprises the right to archive transfer.

“Ural pelmeni” — a humorous band from Yekaterinburg, which produces the show on the STS TV channel. The basis of the project — former members of the eponymous team of KVN. Nitievskiy led the team since 1998, and with the advent of the transfer on STS worked as the Director and producer team.

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