The husband was upset about “working date” wife and I found online support


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Husband upset about wife plans to go on a “working date” with a colleague. The user Sam_Anders shared his story about his wife on Reddit and found support in the network.

According to him, the beloved, accepted an invitation from colleagues to go to a concert of classical music. The officer explained that the man he wanted to go be busy. “They are also planning to dinner together,” said the author of the post.

The spouse in the conversation explained that he agreed as they “work friends” and it’s not a standard date. “I still think that if she was going to dress up, go to dinner and a concert with one person at a time, as I’ll be home to watch the kids, then it’s a date” — sure Sam_Anders. He stressed that the meeting is scheduled for Saturday evening.

He expressed his indignation that, instead of the time together at the weekend, wife decided to be with someone else and not with the family. “It is hard to see how she would choose an outfit, make-up and haircut to release with someone else”, concluded the user and asked if he should offer her to abandon the “working date”.

Most of the users in the review was supported by his concern and agreed that his wife should discuss. ExbronentialGrowth said that when people communicate one-on-one, can appear romantic feelings. “It seems many people are either naive or do not want to understand this, so it is not trying to build a long-term relationship,” he added.

There were other points of view. According to GabeThyGodly, such excitement too as it is “not a date”. “The time dinner is quite strange, but if people of the opposite sex, it does not mean that you are not able to see them”, he said. Wearer rnngwen noted that married for 17 years and she and her husband regularly meet alone with friends.

In November, the lady told Reddit about how they have sex not with her husband and received great pleasure from this. According to her, the husband suffered from erectile dysfunction and was not against open relationships. Commentators generally supported it.

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