The main fears of Russian travelers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

Most tourists from Russia are afraid to miss the plane and to pass customs control at the airport. About it reported in a press release, the online flight search service Aviasales, arrived in edition “”.

Specialists travel search engine, surveyed 13 million users in social networks and found out the main fears in travel. It turned out that 31 percent of Russians are afraid to miss the plane.

Moreover, the respondents admitted that he had missed the flight and are now experiencing, as if not to miss a flight next time. Most passengers were delayed as I hit any traffic or long asleep. In addition, some travelers faced with a situation where the carrier endured the flight but didn’t send notifications.

It was also revealed that every fifth Russian fears of problems at the customs, and one traveler admitted that he dreams that robots have replaced customs staff.

17 percent of tourists said that worried about your Luggage. Many fear that they will lose the suitcase or it is stolen, but will also experience the fear of losing my Bank cards and documents in a foreign country.

Another 14 percent worried about the odds before taking Luggage. Some respondents do not intend to pay for the extra pounds, but at the same time not ready to part with unnecessary things.

10 percent of respondents admitted that they suffer from aerophobia and each flight for them is stressful. And 8 percent of Russians are afraid to get sick while on vacation.

In November 2019, the online service Aviasales found that most of Russian tourists prefer to travel in Russia travel in Europe. Their main concern was the financial issue, because the average cost of flights within the country on the route there and back is 11.5 thousand rubles, and in the Schengen countries is 18.5 thousand rubles.

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