The mother of two children entire life eating chips and died of malnutrition


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The mother of two children in the English city of Winchester, County of Hampshire, from his childhood lived on a diet of chips, chicken nuggets and crackers and died from malnutrition at the age of 32. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Charlotte Ford (Charlotte Broad) c childhood eat food, which are usually preferred by children for example, cheese and onion crisps and chicken nuggets, and never ate vegetables. She suffered disorder of electoral power. The mother tried to get her to eat vegetables and hide them in food, but this measure did not help to change eating habits Ford.

Even in adulthood Brod continued to eat the same way. During pregnancy she only ate cheese puffs and drank their soda. In 2011, the British sought medical help, but doctors were unable to help her change her diet. Ford refused to eat and drink, and she was constantly sick. Because of this, her throat was black.

Daughters she fed normally, but she continued to eat chips and crackers and drink their soda. The British did not change their taste preferences even after 2019, the doctors told her that she will die, if it is to continue to eat.

Beloved Brod mark Darley (Darley Mark), with whom she was in a relationship for ten years, convinced her of the need for treatment. 3 January 2019, she was admitted to hospital after six weeks she was bedridden. 18 January 2019, she died.

During the investigation of the death of Wade, her brother said that it was necessary to show her to a psychiatrist.

Regional coroner Samantha Marsh (Samantha Marsh) reported that eating disorders are very difficult to deal with, since it is difficult to force a person to eat properly. She did not give a conclusion of suicide, as Ford had no direct intention to kill himself. In issued its report says: “broad died of malnutrition caused by the failure to take sufficient food and drinks, which have resulted in multiple internal injuries”.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the English town of Nuneaton, Warwickshire, eats only cheese sandwiches because of a rare phobia. 29-year-old woman claims that fear of food she had in childhood: she was sick from any food, except bread and cheese.

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