The teacher shocked the children live on human flesh and came under investigation


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In South Korea, English teacher from Canada showed the students a video about cannibalism. Now she faces charges of child abuse, writes the newspaper South China Morning Post.

Canadian showed the students a four-minute segment of the documentary series “bi-Bi-si” “Revealing the secrets” (Secrets of Everything). In the video posted on YouTube called “What is the taste of human flesh”, a leading medical visits laboratory. There he was doing a biopsy and handed the vial with a tiny piece of muscle tissue of his thigh. He then fries and try the Burger that taste and aroma reminiscent of human flesh.

The video shocked the Korean students, some of which were not more than six years. Not to look at the screen, her charges were hiding their faces in their hands. According to a law enforcement officer, now students need treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. After complaints from parents of affected canadian interested in police. She came under investigation and will not be able to leave South Korea prior to its completion.

The teacher stated that he found the videos after one of the students asked her about the taste of human flesh. “Although the video could be intended to satisfy an innocent curiosity, the parents were strongly against him, told the South China Morning Post in the police. — We intend to charge her”.

In June it was reported that the American motorcyclist ate his own leg, which was amputated after the accident. A chef friend helped him make it into a Taco, which fed friends who wanted to try human meat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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