Three doctors killed the patient with a broken heart and got under court


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In the Belgian city of Ghent three doctors will stand trial on charges of illegal euthanasia. This is the first criminal case in Belgium, associated with euthanasia, writes Daily Mail.

27 APR 2010 the doctor, whose name was not called, fulfilled the request of the 38-year-old Mysteries of NIS (Tine Nys) and made her a lethal injection. Euthanasia was carried out in the presence of her physician and psychiatrist. The reason for this was an autism spectrum disorder, which suffered the woman.

In 2018, the relatives of the NIS stated that she did not have an autism spectrum disorder — a condition necessary for the procedure. They believe that the woman lied to doctors, to qualify for lethal injection. According to them, she wanted to die of a broken after failed relationships of the heart. In addition, the relatives believe that a woman slew unprofessional. In particular, the sister of NIS said that during the procedure she was asked to hold the needle.

If the prosecution can prove that the NIS was not incurable psychiatric illness, doctors face imprisonment.

Euthanasia was legalized in Belgium in 2002. Right to receive adults who are faced with unbearable physical or mental suffering resulting from a serious and incurable disease.

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