Too much toilet prevented the man holed up in a hotel toilet


www.vsyako.netFrame: The Sun

Too much toilet prevented guest toilet close to your room. It is reported by The Sun.

Anonymous pair stopped at a hotel in Indiana, USA. The footage, which came at the disposal of the edition, sealed in a spacious hotel room, and commentators praises its interior. However, they soon find a flaw in the design. “My boyfriend noticed that the door to the bathroom does not close due to too much toilet that they installed after the repair,” says a guest.

Then she joked that privacy in this hotel are not provided. At the end of the video, the pair broke into laughter, wondering how to resolve this issue.

In January, the passenger tried to make a joke and accidentally broke the toilet on Board the aircraft. In that video you can see how the traveler is partially unwind the roll of toilet paper, soaking it in the toilet, and then presses the flush button. As a result, together with the coil leaves the dispenser.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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