Use the temple misused tourists were threatened with jail time


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In Peru the police are threatened with deportation and prison tourists, who used the temple for other purposes. About it writes The Guardian.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, January 14, at the Sun temple in Machu Picchu. According to the publication, six travelers from Chile, Brazil, France and Argentina entered the territory of the ancient Inca city and has damaged the masonry, resulting in one of the blocks collapsed, disrupted the structure of the building.

In addition, one of the aliens moved in on the scene need. Law enforcement stated that desecrated the temple, the Argentinian will remain in the country, he will be charged with the damage of the object of cultural heritage and vandalism.

In September 2018 the visitor Yellowstone national Park in the United States wanted to pee in front of crowds of frightened tourists and were arrested by local police. Eyewitnesses filmed the insane tourist on camera and posted the video on the Internet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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