Blogger played cheating in front of husband and angered fans


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Blogger Branti Juliette (Juliette Bramty) angered fans who found out that she was on for four months played cheating in front of husband Louis. The results of the prank she shared on Twitter. According to fans, the draw is too cruel.

“So cool played Louis the just, God! He thought I cheated on him, and waited to tell me in person as soon as returned from Miami,” wrote she, calling his joke “the best and most realistic prank ever.”

The girl has published an explanatory video on YouTube in which he spoke, that sent myself the message, allegedly from a former boyfriend, and deliberately left the phone in sight, so the husband said correspondence. Blogger hoped that her husband immediately arrange a conversation, but that never happened. He began to answer her in monosyllables and chose to stay overnight in the mother, but to discuss what he saw did not.

The next day the girl for four months went to Miami, during this time, the husband was also not raised this issue. The conversation took place on the return journey. After a few minutes of a dispute blogersha confessed to Louis that played it.

Many users who saw the prank, the movie seemed unnecessarily cruel to the spouse. According to chilleramas, loving man would not harass a lover of four months for the video.

“It’s not funny, it’s cruel. Can’t imagine that I hurt a loved one”, — he stressed. Wearer playgirlyas decided that Louis should break up with his wife after such an act. Some thought that the drawing is an attempt to justify the real treason.

Branti along with her husband leads The Bramfam channel on YouTube in 2016. At the moment the pair almost 2.5 million subscribers. Most of the clips on the relations between spouses and children, as well as beauty and health. Branti not the first time playing the husband, prior to that, she also joked about the relationship on the side. Louis also similarly played the wife.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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