Called “the most greedy” apps on Android


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The Agency Sophos talked about the most greedy apps for Android smartphones. List of fraudulent programs available on the website of the company.

The experts found tens of programs, which were distributed by subscription. In the first days or weeks the app was free but then charged a substantial fee for the use of — often up to $ 200 per year. According to Sophos, their authors hoping that users will forget to cancel the free subscription and will have to pay the developer. Often described in real terms and the subscription price was different.

In the list of fraudulent applications has hit a little-known software programs and services that ranked in the top Google Play, according to the experts, with the help of markups and fake reviews. The total number of installations 25 popular apps, according to estimates by Sophos, has exceeded 600 million. These include Astrofun, Easysnap, Filmigo, Z Camera and other programs.

In conclusion, Sophos advised users to never install unknown apps with a paid subscription. Experts have warned that even removing these programs from the device does not cancel the subscription, which must be completed in the application settings.

16 December, experts have called the most dangerous for the battery of the smartphone app. Games, office utilities and other programs identified by the experts were caught displaying an unlimited number of ad banners that have a negative impact on the battery devices.

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