Created unbreakable diamond glass for smartphones



American company Akhan Semiconductor has announced the creation of unbreakable diamond glass. The material can be used for the production of foldable smartphones, reports CNET.

Miraj glass Diamond Glass is made of nano-diamond materials and, primarily intended for folding display devices. According to the manufacturer, compared with the analogue from the company Corning, this glass is six times stronger than Gorilla Glass. The thickness of the material is just 100 nanometres or about one ten-thousandth the thickness of hair strands.

The characteristics of the Miraj Diamond Glass the stated property of repelling liquids and fats, so it is no need to handle oleophobic coating. Akhan Semiconductor has specified that has already shown the new material to several smartphone manufacturers that have endorsed the invention.

The publication noted that the main competitor of Akhan Semiconductor, Corning also is working on a flexible material which has a thickness of 0.1 mm and the amplitude of flexion to five millimeters. One of the major partners of Corning in the mobile market is Apple.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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