Five countries pushed Iran requirements because of downed “Boeing”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: red Crescent Society of Iran / RIA Novosti

Ukraine, Canada, Sweden, Britain and Afghanistan have made Iran a few requirements due to the Ukrainian crash “Boeing” near Tehran. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs (MFA) of Ukraine.

Representatives from five countries met in London and agreed on the framework conditions for cooperation with Iran on the subject of the crash. So, they demanded full access to the members of the International group for the coordination of assistance to victims of disaster, to organize a decent and open process of identification of bodies, to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation, to accept full responsibility for the crash and to pay compensation to the relatives of the dead passengers and crew members, and to punish those responsible.

Previously, on 16 January it was reported that Canada began its investigation of the crash of the Ukrainian “Boeing” near Tehran. Canadians will take part in the deciphering and analysis of the black boxes of the downed Iranian plane. Experts have called for the Ukrainian crash site “Boeing” in Iran. In addition, they will examine the wreckage.

The Boeing 737-800 “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA) caught fire and crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran airport on 8 January. Killed 176 people, including 11 citizens of Ukraine. 11 January, Iran admitted that the plane was shot down, explaining the tragedy of the human factor. The Minister said that the mistake was made in a period of crisis because of the “adventurism” of the United States.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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