In Ukraine abolished Russian-language schools


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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the bill “On complete General secondary education” that terminates in the country of Russian-speaking schools. This information is published on the Parliament website.

The children of Russian citizens to learn their native language along with Ukrainian in elementary school. In the fifth grade at least 80 percent of the subjects should be studied in the Ukrainian language. A separate Russian language training programs are eliminated, children will be able to study in their native language only a few items.

Ukrainization of schools for minorities that use the languages of the European Union will be more lenient. Thus, the Hungarian minority education in their native language will also go in parallel with education in Ukrainian in elementary school. In fifth grade, 20 percent of subjects should be studied in Ukrainian, this proportion will reach 40 percent by the ninth grade. In the 10th and 11th grades in Ukrainian will be taught 60 percent of the items.

Crimean Tatars will receive education in their native language in parallel with studying Ukrainian.

Document reserves the right to choose for the student an individual training program. However, the system of the state final certification remains common for all students of the country.

In September 2017, the then President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on education, according to which in 2020 the whole process of learning in the country should go into the Ukrainian language. Against the adoption of the law made by Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Russia.

In October 2019, the Minister of education Anna Novosad told about the plans to translate all Russian schools in the Ukrainian-language education by September 2020. In addition, in the fall 2023, the Ukrainian was planning to translate those educational institutions in which learning takes place in the languages of the European Union. In turn, the Russian foreign Ministry said that the Ukrainian authorities continue previously taken the course in total and forced Ukrainization of the country.

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