Microsoft released a new browser


www.vsyako.netScreenshot: Microsoft

Microsoft has released the browser Edge on the Chromium engine from Google. He replaced the last version of the app, which is entirely created in the company, writes The Verge.

First Edge Chromium created for corporate clients and is available not only on Windows but also on macOS. However, usual users can also download the application from. However, the company handed over the latest version of Edge computer makers, so the browser will be preinstalled on all new systems.

In the coming months the company will release an update for Windows, which will contain Chromium Edge. It supports all existing extensions Google Chrome stream video in 4K, working with PDF when using the stylus and a function to prevent the tracking of users while browsing websites.

About creating a new browser based on Chromium, it became known in December 2018. The draft of the new browser was code-named Anaheim. Based on this engine, created by Russian “Amigo” and “Sputnik” and Opera, “Yandex.The browser” Google Chrome itself.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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