Named after the Russian city-a leader in the growth of housing prices


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For the year to January 2020 square meter of secondary housing in Russia on average has risen more than 4 percent, and in Novokuznetsk — 14 percent, follows from the materials of the portal received by the editors”.ru”.

More than any other rose in price two-bedroom apartments: 7.5 percent, from 2 million to 2.15 million for the average object, analysts estimated. Among the major cities (total of 78) leader of growth of prices in the “secondary” named Novokuznetsk: here the value “square” has increased to 38.6 thousand rubles, nearly 14 percent for the year. Price reduction only applies to the Barrow, where a square meter fell by 0.8 percent, and Saransk (-0.3 percent).

“Odnushki” for 2019 added to the price of 6.4 per cent: if the end of 2018 the average cost of a Studio apartment was of 1.58 million rubles, then in December 2019 — 1.68 million rubles. Two-bedroom apartment rose less than others. Over the years they have increased in price to only 3.7 percent while the average rate amounted to 2.8 million rubles for the object.

In the top five Russian cities with quickly growing secondary property on the basis of 2019, in addition to Novokuznetsk, entered Podol’sk, Irkutsk, and Vladivostok, Khimki — “the square,” they added in the price of 10-12 percent.

In Moscow “secondary” for the year rose by 6 percent (to 196.7 thousand rubles per square meter). “The growth in apartment prices in new buildings during the past year caused by the increase in second homes. In General, the “secondary” so far, only reaching for new housing, and perhaps more intensive growth we will see in 2020″, — noted in

Earlier in December, the realtors predicted rising prices for secondary apartments in Moscow. According to them, the demand for new housing in 2020 will be stimulated by low interest rates on housing loans.

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