Named the best pickles


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Denis Abramov / TASS

Expert centre of the Russian consumers Union “Roskontrol” conducted a study of the popular brands of pickles and called it the best. In testing was attended by brands, “Market”, “Uncle Vanya”, “green ray”, Bonduelle, “Skatert — Samobranka”, “Melen / Homemade recipes” and “6 acres.” Copies of test reports are at the disposal of edition”.ru”.

During the inspection it was found that all samples meet safety requirements. Most (but within tolerance) of nitrates in Bonduelle. Pesticides in small (safe) quantity discovered in cucumbers “Skatert — Samobranka”, “Melen / Homemade recipes” and “6 acres.”

According to GOST, the Bank should be not less than 55 percent of the cucumbers. Fewer vegetables (50 percent) were at the mark of “6 acres”, more than just the brand “Uncle Vanya” (61 percent). The audit tested all of the cucumbers were recommended for purchase.

Earlier in January Roskontrol check yoghurt with peach flavor. As a result, the purchase recommended yogurt brands “Sloboda”, “Vkusnoteevo”, “Agusha” and “Semper”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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