Prime Minister of Ukraine reacted to the publication of his criticism Zelensky


www.vsyako.netAlexey Goncharovoj: Ivan Kovalenko / “Kommersant”

Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk has responded to the scandal with the publication of an audio recording of its meeting at which he described himself as a layman in the economy and criticized President Vladimir Zelensky. Review of the head of the government published in his Telegram channel.

Goncharuk said that from the start against a team Zelensky lot of people working who want to Ukraine, nothing happened. Against the government and personally Goncharuk deployed a mass media attack in the media and social networks. This means that the team Zelensky on the right track, the Prime Minister said.

“I appeal to those who struggle against us: you does not scare us! We will be even harder to eradicate corruption,” — said Goncharuk.

According to him, the government’s main goal is to reboot the country and build a new system without “shimatsu” and dogovornyak. Goncharuk said that Ukraine has strengthened the exchange rate sharply lower inflation, increased flow of foreign direct investment. “If it’s not good news for the country, I’m a complete “layman” in the economy!” — concluded the Prime Minister.

On 15 January on the YouTube channel “How to deceive the President” was published an audio recording that was allegedly made at the meeting Goncharuk with the Minister of Finance, head of the national Bank and other officials. The man, whose voice is credited with Goncharuk, called himself a layman of the economy and said that Zelensky primitive understanding of economic processes and the fog in my head.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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