Putin called the essence of the amendments to the Constitution


www.vsyako.netPhoto: press-service of administration of the President of the Russian Federation

The aim of the amendments to the Constitution enhancing the role of civil society and political parties, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. It was quoted by RIA Novosti on Thursday, January 16.

The head of state, opening in Novo-Ogaryovo a meeting with members of the working group on elaboration of proposals on amendments to the basic law, stated that the proposed amendment will not affect the fundamental bases of the Constitution.

Commenting on his initiative on the priority of the Constitution over international law, Putin said that other countries have long adopted such a decision. He also noted that Russia thus did not shy away from the primacy of international law.

The President urged to carefully approach the question of the prerogatives of the state Council. According to him, he must not become a “second chamber of the regions” together with the Federation Council.

Earlier Thursday it was reported that a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution that Vladimir Putin during his address to the Federal Assembly scheduled before may 1 of the current year. Announcing a number of changes, Putin stressed that the 1993 Constitution does not need to be replaced.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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