Saw adult male genitalia in the children’s drawing of a pumpkin


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Emily Clarkson

Five-year-old resident of the English County of Yorkshire drew a Butternut pumpkin, but the parents and the teacher saw the children’s drawings of male genitalia. Meanwhile, according to the Daily Mirror.

In early January a resident of the English County of Yorkshire, the 31-year-old Emily Clarkson (Emily Clarkson), has left her five year old son Milo (Mylo) one in the kitchen. The boy saw on the table in nutmeg pumpkin and decided to draw it. However, the vegetable in his performance was similar to the penis.

When the teacher Milo saw the picture, she couldn’t hold back the laughter. She was confused by the lines and dots, which the child drew on the pumpkin.”He said that he drew them because he depicted it in whole and in sliced form. He was very proud of his work and believed that drawn vegetables resemble two fighters,” — said the teacher.

Clark took pictures of the picture memory. She told me that Milo keeps a picture in his room and shows it to all the guests. My parents decided that they would not throw out the picture and show her son when he turns 18.

Earlier it was reported about a resident of the sixth anniversary of Scotland, which drew the reindeer of Santa Claus, but they were shaped like genitals. Mother published a picture on Twitter. Some netizens found it brilliant.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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