Spain decided to expel immediately ferried to Russia gold kingpin


www.vsyako.netZviad Dirazepate:

The national appellate court of Spain has decided on the immediate expulsion without the right to return to the country of the leader of a criminal gang, the kingpin of Zviad Darsadze involved in the theft and transporting gold to Russia, and two of his assistants. About it reports DW.

Such decision was accepted in connection with fears that the authority remand in 2015, may soon be released and return to criminal activities.

Darsadze in 2005, was arrested by Spanish police in the top 30 influencers of the Russian-Georgian mafia for money laundering and other crimes. It together with the accomplice thief in law Shakro Young (Zakhary Kalashov) condemned. Darsadze then given 7 years in prison, but after serving his sentence, the Spanish authorities allowed him to remain in the country, unlike Shakro, who had been expelled.

Darsadze organized in Spain criminal group involved in from 2012 to 2015 of burglary in Madrid and Guadalajara. Crimes were committed by ordinary members of the group who came to Spain on tourist visas. They are supplied with housing, money and tools to break the door. Teams of thieves for 3-5 people hunted in poor neighborhoods, where housing is not protected. Burglars took money and jewelry.

The stolen jewelry was melted into gold bars that the criminal group transported with narodnymi mainly in Russia and also in Georgia and Italy for sale to buyers of precious metals and jewelers. Produced as a result of the theft of the money transfers went also to Russia via international firms.

Evaluation of the Spanish court, just half a year prior to his exposure in 2015, the gang brought from Spain almost 650 thousand Euro. The criminal group under the leadership of Darsadze have made up 60 percent of all burglaries in Madrid. 16 January 2020 23 members of the gang were sentenced by a Spanish court to prison terms from 3 years to 5 years 9 months.

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