The cause of an armed attack on the Russian court


www.vsyako.netArtem Bakalavrat: Novokuznetsky / YouTube

The inhabitant of the Kemerovo region Artem Bakalov made a fire in the court of Novokuznetsk from the long-standing conflict with the neighbour-the tractor operator. On Thursday, January 16, reports the Telegram channel Life Shot with reference to the relative hand.

According to the channel, in the summer of 2019 neighbor Bakalova, with whom he had a conflict, almost ran over him on the tractor, and then defeated his garage. According to relatives, the tractor was allegedly not brought to justice, and that was the reason for the attack Bakalova, who found the situation unfair.

Previously, on 16 January it was reported that 44-year-old Pakalov who opened fire in the building of magistrates in Novokuznetsk, was armed with a smoothbore carbine “saiga” and tubeless gun “Wasp”.

The attack on the court one person died, another was injured. The deceased was bailiff, he died in the ambulance. According to preliminary reports, the man was wounded in the abdomen, followed by traumatic shock. At the injured girl injured legs, and face, she is in a serious condition.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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