The wife of “God Kuzi” was arrested after three years on the run


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home of Anastasia Chebotareva in “Vkontakte”

People’s artist of Russia, violinist Anastasia Chebotareva is the wife of the founder of the sect “God Kuzi” Andrei Popov was arrested for fraud. On Thursday, January 16, “the” has informed a source in law enforcement bodies.

A woman and five more adherents of the sect who is running and who was on the Federal wanted list for about three years, was detained in January. In the near future investigators of the MIA will go to court with the petition for election as the detainee of a measure of restraint.

Against the six detainees, including the wife of the main sectarian of Russia filed three new cases. Two of them — in part 4 of article 159 (“Fraud in especially large size”), another — under part 3 of article 239 (“creating a non-profit organization encroaching on the personality and rights of citizens”) of the criminal code.

According to investigators, cultists worked on various Orthodox exhibitions, where under the guise of Church organization collected funds for the restoration of churches and help the Orthodox in the South-East of Ukraine. Further money was used for the needs of the sect “God Kuzi”. The total amount of criminal income amounted to about 7.5 million rubles.

In addition, investigators suspect the six detainees in the regular physical and psychological violence against ordinary parishioners of the sect. As educational rituals used so-called “otter” — confession of one of the followers of the members of the group. After what could follow “the pike” — the beating of a man rubber Slippers in the face or punishment belt. Thus the zealots, according to their leader, Andrei Popov, get rid of the contamination.

16 July 2018, it was reported that priests, better known as “God Kuzya”, convicted of fraud in especially large size and the creation of destructive religious community.

Popov, who calls himself “God Kuzey”, founded the sect Patriarch in 1990-ies. Meeting of his followers held including Bolshoy kondratyevskiy pereulok, whence arose another name for the Union — “Kondraty”. A special thank Popov brought a love for exotic animals and numerous harem of female assistants.

Popov and his entourage were detained and arrested in September 2015. Seven in a Moscow apartment belonging to the sect, during the searches were seized about 43 million rubles and 100 thousand dollars, specific literature and exotic animals in improper conditions. Was also confiscated personal computers and notebooks with the accounting records which, as believes a consequence, evidence of illegal activities by members of the sect take possession of the money adherents.

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