The woman killed her husband with a nail clipper


www.vsyako.netPicture: NBC New York

A resident of the city of Millville, the new Jersey, is accused of murdering her husband’s nail clippers. This is the website of NBC New York.

On Sunday morning, January 12, a 30-year-old Kathleen Ayala (Ayala Kathleen) had a fight with her husband Axel Torres (Axel Torres) in their caravan on-site trailer Park. The quarrel escalated into a fight. Then Torres left the trailer, but the wife followed him and provoked another fight, during which several times stabbed with nail clippers. After that, the American lost consciousness.

Arrived on the scene, the police recorded the Torres serious puncture wounds of the feet, hands, shoulders and left leg. The man was taken to the hospital, but on Monday, January 13, he died.

Ayala admitted to militiamen that attacked her husband. She stated that she only wanted to scare him and did not intend to cause him physical harm. American wounded him with a metal nail file from the nail clippers.

Original Ayala was charged with assault, but on Tuesday, January 14, the case was reclassified as murder in connection with the death of Torres.

Earlier it was reported that in the U.S. state of Arkansas 69-year-old nurse and Sunday school teacher sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder of her husband due to renew your subscription to view. American often watched the adult videos in the barn, which he called the “man cave”, and his wife believed that “in the barn was the devil” and embraced the passion of her husband as “a personal insult to her and her God.”

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