The woman underwent an unsuccessful liposuction and was left with a gaping hole in your leg


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Resident of the U.S. state North Carolina was left with a gaping hole in his leg after suffering a failed ultrasonic liposuction. It is reported by The Sun.

42-year-old Marie Ellen (Marie Allen) decided on liposuction of the lower leg, because it was the only way to treat lipedema, which under her skin on the foot formed fat deposits. The doctor said to the woman that has 20 years of experience.

The surgeon is not able to show the patient photos of the results of such operations, and it alarmed her. Besides, Ellen knew about the possible side effects and that Shin is one of the most dangerous places for liposuction. However, American agreed to the operation.

Soon, the woman felt a sharp pain in the lower leg. It turned out that Ellen had received third-degree burns. The skin on her lower leg began to wither and blacken. Postoperative care did not help and only worsened the situation.

Ellen decided to return for a second appointment to the doctor but carried out the operation, the surgeon was able to take it in a week. By the time the skin on her leg started peeling off. The surgeon insisted on removing all the dead skin. As a result, her leg had a large hole through which you can see the muscle.

The victim alleges that the clinic she was not offered antibiotics and advised only to monitor the condition of the feet. Four days later, when the pain became unbearable, the woman asked for emergency treatment in another hospital. There they gave her antibiotics and tried to repair the hole in the hope that it will heal faster. By this time Ellen was not able to change and move.

Eventually she was put on a drip, and the leg had the skin graft from another area of the body. As a result the woman could not move normally. Her self-esteem is also seriously affected. She still can’t walk on the ankle. In an attempt to restore their health she has spent 25 thousand pounds (two million rubles).

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