To have a world with a rapidly appreciating housing


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Budapest became the leader of the ranking of world cities, ranked by growth rate of housing prices. The list (is at the disposal “of the”) made by analysts of consulting company Knight Frank.

According to experts, in the Hungarian capital value of residential property over the year to September 2019 rose by 24 percent. On the second and third places — Chinese cities of XI’an (plus 16 percent) and Wuhan (plus 15 percent). Two Russian cities in the rating of St. — Petersburg and Moscow — have significantly improved their performance, up from 37 and 133 to 5 and 11 seats, respectively, compared to the third quarter of 2018. As defined by analysts, the residential property prices in St. Petersburg increased during the year by 14 percent, in Moscow — at 10 percent.

“In recent years, in Moscow, introduced a great number of expensive buildings, which affects the average price of a square meter in the direction of increasing”, — analysts say. Overall index of price growth for residential property in the world grew by 3.2 percent for 2019 is the minimum from the second quarter of 2015 indicator.

Earlier in January, was named after the Russian city-a leader in the growth of housing prices — Novokuznetsk. For the year to January 2020 square meter of secondary housing in Russia on average has risen more than four percent, and in Novokuznetsk — 14 percent. The five cities with quickly growing secondary real estate also includes Podol’sk, Irkutsk, and Vladivostok, Khimki — “the square,” they added in the price of 10-12 percent.

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