Two passenger aircraft came close in the air and barely avoid a collision


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Two passenger aircraft operated by Qantas flying extremely close to each other and barely avoid a collision. This writes the Independent.

The incident occurred at Sydney airport in August last year, but became aware of it only now. The cause of the incident were the actions of on-duty air traffic controller trainee. He mistakenly allowed the rise of the Airbus A330 in spite of the fact that the Boeing 737 was preparing to land on the same runway.

Assessing the situation, the Manager gave extra coming in to land the ship the command to go to the second round. As a result, the aircraft approached in the air, the distance between them was 150 vertical meters and 800 meters in the lateral plane (the safe threshold of 300 meters and five kilometers respectively), and the A330 has triggered the warning system.

Thereafter, the trainee, to increase the distance between the courts instructed the pilot of the Boeing 737 partially expand the Board, while the commander of the second liner independently decided to change the angle of inclination during takeoff. Subsequently taken off the ship proceeded to Melbourne, and the second Board landed safely.

In the Australian Bureau of transport security (ATSB) called the incident a serious incident, and said it continues to investigate his circumstances. In turn, the airline said that the danger to passengers of the aircraft is not threatened.

January 2, the consequences of a collision of two aircraft at the airport of Toronto was caught on video. On a Boeing 777 moves through the Park and touches the right side of the tail standing in his way Airbus A321. After that Boeing continues to move by deploying a second aircraft to the other side.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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