Ukrainian store humiliated the Jews


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Nu Sho?

Ukrainian Internet-shop Nu Sho accused of anti-Semitism because of advertising in Instagram. United Jewish community of the country felt that it humiliated the Jewish population of the country, informs a portal Jewishnews.

The store published an ad in which urged users to apply the author’s prints on t-shirts. As an example, the store posted a picture of a t-shirt printed with the phrase “Ti sho Jew?” (“Are you Jewish?” — approx. “Of the”).

According to the United Jewish communities, the word carries a solely negative connotation and is used to insult Jewish people. In addition, the community believe that the use of the word “Jew” to refer to greedy people reinforces negative stereotypes about Jews that are “false, groundless and inhuman.”

After treatment, the posts in Instagram and Facebook store were removed, and the representatives of the online store apologized in the comments, noting that not are anti-Semitic and I apologize to those whose feelings could hurt advertising.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine took the second place in the ranking of the level of anti-Semitic sentiment in Europe. According to the anti-defamation League, 72 percent of Ukrainians agreed that Jews have too much power, affecting the business. With 2016, the level of anti-Semitism in Ukraine has grown considerably.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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