A pensioner appeared in daring poses in order to sell jeans and famous


www.vsyako.netMario Gratino Photo: Mario Graziano page in Facebook

The pensioner wanted to sell his jeans and showed them in unusual positions. Advertising photography made him famous on the Internet. Publication of Metro, pay attention to the shooting, called it bold.

Mario Gratino of England published the footage on his page in Facebook. On one of the pictures he poses with a naked torso, kneeling on the bed with leopard blanket. The man depicted in those jeans and an unbuttoned red shirt with a gold chain on his neck. On another photo he’s standing with his back to the photographer, holding his hands in the pockets of his pants on the buttocks.

“You have to approach the process. You need to convince people to buy your stuff, but many just take pictures of them on the table,” recommended a man.

The announcement of the sale went viral, and since then all his posts gaining thousands of hits and comments daily. “I have many fans, every day I get friend requests from thousands of people, but unfortunately, I can’t add all at once,” complains pensioner.

After Grazino became a celebrity, he began regularly to publish news to his fans on his page. He began to learn on the street. “No matter where I go, people stop me and ask, “are You that guy from Facebook?”” — said the pensioner. Now he plans to continue to sell things using its popularity: for example, underwear and plants that are his “love and passion”.

In may 2018 pensioner appeared in lingerie in an unusual photo project Chrissy sparks (Chrissy Sparks). The photographer wanted to show that the uninhibited and sexy woman can be any age. The footage depicts ladies in lace lingerie and dressing gowns, the high heels and flashy jewelry.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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