A three-year old child Prodigy accepted into the society of people with high IQ


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Anira Nur Asyikin Hashim

Three-year-old Prodigy from British County Durham took the Mensa society, the largest organization for people with high IQs. This publication reports the Metro.

Muhammad Haris Nazim (Muhammad Nadzim Haryz) started talking when he was seven months. Soon the boy learned to read and two years were remembered and repeated from memory the whole history. He speaks two languages: Malay and English.

“We lacked experience, so we thought that all children such, — tells mother of the child Prodigy. — We realized that he was special when he started going to daycare, and we were told that he is ahead of other children in development.” According to her, the rest of the boy is similar to the usual three years. He watches children’s cartoons, jumping in puddles, loves to draw and sing.

IQ check showed that the intelligence quotient of Muhammad is 142 on the scale of the Stanford — Binet and higher than that of 99.7 percent of people. After testing, the boy was able to join Mensa, membership in which requires a higher IQ than 98 percent of the people. Now in the organization there is no one under the age of Muhammad.

The Mensa society was porn star Asia Carrera, the Creator of Minecraft Markus Persson, actress Geena Davis, and developer of psychoactive substances, Alexander Shulgin. The youngest member of the organization was Elise tan-Roberts (Elise Tan-Roberts) from the United States, which entered into Mensa in 2009, when she was two years and four months.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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