Advice from a TV show helped to save the mother ceased to breathe baby


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A resident of the UK Daniel Sampson (Danielle Sampson) saved newborn son, Fletcher (Fletcher) thanks to a tip from a morning show This Morning. The mother was able to assist the child when he stopped breathing, according to Wales Online.

The child began to experience breathing difficulties on the day following discharge from the hospital. Sampson noticed that Fletcher was too often breathing. The baby sneezed, having cleaned the Airways, but after a deep breath again they were blocked.

The Briton took the baby to the hospital, ten minutes to medical facilities Fletcher stopped breathing. The mother tried to get him on his stomach, but it didn’t help. In this moment she remembered about the passage program This Morning, which saw several years ago. In it the doctor showed you how to do CPR on infants.

The woman remembered that newborn babies mainly breathe through the nose, so they need to perform artificial respiration and through the mouth and through the nose. Sampson was afraid to cause my son harm, because before that, practiced CPR on mannequins only, but she managed to save the child.

Fletcher spent three days in the hospital. The doctors suspected the boy of his cystic fibrosis because his older brother has the disease, but their fears were not confirmed. Three months after the incident, Fletcher is fully recovered.

The American audiologist Erich Voigt (Erich Voigt) saved the life of the party TV show Beachfront Bargain Hunt Nicole Mcginnes. He accidentally saw the release of her participation on TV and noticed a small lump in the neck. After the diagnosis was that McGuinness thyroid cancer.

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