Ariana Grande accused of stealing the chorus from a song about a drug dealer for 7 rings



Rapper Josh stone has filed a lawsuit against the singer Ariana Grande, accusing her of plagiarism. About it reports TMZ.

Hip-hop artist said that the artist stole the chorus from his song You Need It I Got It (“You need — I’ve got”) to his hit 7 rings. According to him, the chorus in the song Grande is similar in words and rhythm. In your track stone talks about the drug dealer and that he has a lot of various drugs, which he is willing to sell. In the chorus it reads: “You have got, you want — I have. It’s all about money”.

Ariana Grande

In song 7 rings Grande reflects on her past, and about its solvency. In the chorus she sings: “I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it. Like my hair? Oh, thank you, just bought them. I see something I like — I want — I get it”.

A track of stone was released in 2017, the Grand song was released in 2019. Hip-hop by saying that to promote his work met with various music producers, among whom were Tommy brown, who worked with Grande on all its Studio albums. According to the rapper, brown was interested in his composition You Need It I Got It. Stone demanded that the Grand profit made in 7 rings, and asked the court to forbid the singer to perform the song.

In 2019 Grande was accused of plagiarism in the song 7 rings. In January, the hip-hop artist Soulja Boy in social networks said that the singer stole the words from his song Pretty Boy Swag. According to the rapper from Atlanta 2 Chainz, the artist copied his video for the song Door Swanging. Also plagiarism Grande accused the singer Princess Nokia, who felt that the song 7 rings similar to her track Mine.

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