Bank employee lost his job for doing a good deed


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An employee of the Bank from the American city of Portland, Oregon lost his job due to the fact that before Christmas I gave it to the customer to whom the detained salary. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Emily James (Emily James) worked as a senior specialist in the Bank’s call center. She received a call from a client Mark Eugenio (Eugenio mags), who reported that due to the delay in salary transfer he will be left without money for the holidays. Eugenio spent over an hour talking to James, but she couldn’t help him: a payment of more than a thousand dollars (61,6 thousand) can be carried out only after Christmas. The customer complained that he had no money even to get home.

Eugenio was not far from the office call center, and James decided to do one good thing and help him. She left the head and came to the car gas station, where he was a client. The American gave him his 20 dollars (1.2 thousand rubles) gasoline.

A week after that James called leadership. She was told that the Bank is forced to fire her because of the unresolved interactions with the client. Allowed her to leave work supervisor was also fired.

First, James wanted to get my job back, because he felt that she was wronged, but later changed his mind. She said she did not want to continue to work with those who did.

Earlier it was reported that in the UK the stranger paid Christmas shopping a local resident. Woman suffering from neurological problems associated with Lyme disease, and I forgot the pin number for your card.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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