Co-author of domestic violence law in Russia, has complained of death threats


The Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the lower house of Parliament on issues of family, women and children, a state Duma Deputy and co-author of the draft law on prevention of domestic violence Oksana Pushkin has complained to the interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev on the threats coming her in connection with the work on the document. This was stated by the lawyer of lawmaker Konstantin Dobrynin in his interview to the newspaper “Kommersant”, saying the inaction of the Ministry of internal Affairs in connection with the previous appeal on the threats.

According to the lawyer, 31 Dec 2019 on the website of the state Duma received a message, which the author became aware that Pushkin will be attempted “before the summer”. Itself Pushkin associates the threat with the support of the bill on domestic violence.

In this regard, the lawyer of the Deputy sent to the interior Ministry re-appeal, which asked the Minister to report on measures taken in connection with the first handling measures “to establish individuals who plan the murder of Russian citizens, bringing them to justice and to prevent criminal intentions aimed at causing damage to the state Duma Deputy Oksana Pushkina and other authors of the bill”.

“The situation is inexplicable to the public inaction of the MIA of Russia of the religious extremists and assissting them antisocial radical elements from threats and intimidation tend to go for the methods predicables in their “declarations” direct violence” — said Dobrynin.

The lawyer stressed that the inaction of the Ministry of interior creates a sense of impunity, especially considering that extremist statements from opponents of the bill moved on to the real threats to the life and health of the co-authors of the document. In this regard, he recalled the situation with the movie “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel. “At first there were threats, and then on the streets of Moscow burned the car. I hope that this will not happen and the activities of Oksana pushkinaís as the Deputy of the state Duma will be fully protected from all forms of violence and aggression,” — said the lawyer.

Pushkin has previously reported about the threats that come to her and the other co-authors of the bill from opponents. She also asked interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev to check on the extremism of the statements of the activists of the movement “forty times Forty”. The latter, in turn, appealed to the Investigative Committee, the FSB, the Prosecutor General and the interior Ministry with a demand to initiate a criminal case against Pushkina for libel and false denunciation.

29 November on the website of the Federation Council there was a bill on prevention of domestic violence, in the near future the document will be sent to the state Duma. The authors suggest including to put the perpetrators of domestic violence on preventive record. In October, the network had published an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin is against the adoption of the law on domestic violence, which was signed by 180 public organizations. The authors of the letter believe the law is “anti-family”. Against the law were also made by the TV host Vladimir Solovyov, stating his uselessness.

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