Coin with the controversial king set a record


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Coin with the image of the controversial king Edward VIII — uncle of the current Queen Elizabeth II — set a record, being the most expensive ever sold in the UK. A private collector bought it for a million pounds (80 million rubles). About it is reported on the website of the Royal mint.

“The Edward VIII sovereign is one of the rarest and most collectible coins in the world (there are six instances of the coin — approx. “Of the”), it is not surprising that he set a new record for the British coinage,” — said the representative of the Royal mint Rebecca Morgan, writes The Guardian.

A trial batch of coins minted from 22-Karat gold and issued in 1936, when Edward VIII ascended the throne. Mass minting was planned to begin in 1937, but it never happened, because by the time the king abdicated.

Another feature of the sovereign is “uncanonical” the image of the monarch — he looks to the left, like its predecessor, a cousin of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, George V. Royal tradition told to represent the king looking in the opposite direction in relation to the predecessor. Edward did it because he liked his left profile.

Individuals own only two coins with the image of Edward VIII, including just sold. Three sovereigns are in museums and other institutions, and one in the collection of the Royal mint.

Edward VIII was the eldest son of king George V and brother of king George VI, remained on the British throne only 325 days. He is best known for the scandalous marriage to a divorced American woman Wallis Simpson.

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