Counted not spent on Russian projects billions


Federal spending on national projects in 2019 amounted to 91.4 percent of the plan. Such data are the Ministry of Finance.

Only the implementation of the national projects was pledged 1.75 trillion rubles, of which was spent 1.6 trillion rubles. Execution costs lead projects in areas such as “Culture” (99 percent), “Science” (99.1 per cent) and Health care (98 per cent).

The lowest percentage of execution noted in “Ecology” (66.3 percent), “Digital economy” (73.3%) and “Productivity and support employment” (87.1 percent).

Remaining 150 billion rubles will be directed on financing of projects in 2020. For the execution of national projects designed to 2024, the responsibility of the government of Russia.

Earlier it was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin was dissatisfied with the work of the government Dmitry Medvedev for the implementation of national projects. According to the magazine Forbes, the President at the end of last year received information that the national projects will not achieve the national goals.

The research Director of Gaidar Institute Sergey Drobyshevsky questioned the effectiveness of implemented national projects and the benefit for the Russian economy. However, he noted a significant step in the direction of the move away from dependency on oil prices, but said that it was largely not due to the actions of the government.

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