Deadly battle of the red-tailed Buzzard with a rat snake got in the photo


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Matthew Clement / Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

An American resident of the city Gordonsville, Tennessee, became the eyewitness of fight of red-tailed Buzzard and the black rat snake in the driveway in front of his house. Reported by the Daily Mail.

43-year-old computer programmer Matthew Clement (Matthew Clement) was returning home from Church and saw on the sidewalk outside of his house firmly locked the bird of prey and a snake.

The American thought at first that the animals are dead, but soon realized that I was wrong. A bird and a snake gripping each other in a stranglehold: the Buzzards, only blinked, and the snake barely moved. Reptile is wrapped around the neck of the bird, while Sarich was holding the tail of the snake in the claws.

Clement took a few photos and went home. 20 minutes later he came back to find out who won. Buzzard sat in a tree above the track, and the snake was lying on the gravel not moving. The man pushed the snake to the roadside and thought she was dead, but the next morning near the house of reptiles has not appeared — perhaps the Buzzard killed it.

Red-tailed Buzzard — a bird of prey from the family accipitridae, widely distributed in North and Central America. Rat snake — non-venomous species of snakes of the family colubrid. Due to the large variety in color they are divided into several subspecies.

In December of 2019, it was reported that on the West coast of Canada farmers took video of the fight for the life of bald eagles and Pacific octopus. When they pulled up locking the animals to the boat with a spear, dragged them on Board and untied the tentacles, the eagle broke free and flew to the shore, and the octopus swam away.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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