Huawei revealed the secret of Android


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Huawei revealed secret information about the income of developers of applications for iOS and Android. The corresponding schema from the conference Huawei Developer Day was published in Twitter the top Manager of IDC’s Francisco Jeronimo (Francisco Jeronimo).

According to Huawei, the creators of games for the App Store received $ 33 billion, accounting for 50 percent of the total earnings of the industry. Developers of games for Android earned $ 18 billion, or about 27 percent. In third place is the segment developers for the Chinese market, operating to bypass the iOS and Android platforms. They received about $ 13 billion or 20 percent of total revenue.

While Apple has about a billion users, whereas Android is used by more than 2.5 billion people. Data from Huawei, it follows that every gamer on iOS brings Apple about 33 dollars, while the user’s Android — only 13.2 per dollar.

Edition MSPoweruser believes that for this reason that game exclusives are more likely on iOS than on the competitive platform. Journalists believe that the causes lie in the fact that Apple supports developers and more closely monitors the quality of the content.

In December it became known that Apple was going to release the computer for professional gamers. The cost of a gaming device may be about $ 5,000. In September, the company launched a game service Arcade available to owners of iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other devices through a paid subscription.

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