In Minsk poured paint over a monument to Pushkin


www.vsyako.netFrame: MINSKNEWS / YouTube

In the center of Minsk poured red paint on a monument to Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. On Friday, January 17, reports Telegam channel “Sputnik Belarus”.

Paint poured over the hands of the monument. Vandals looking for the police. This is not the first attack on the monument a few months ago that Pushkin painted the head, reports “Minsk-news”. Then the problem was fixed within a few days.

Bronze figure of Pushkin was installed in 1999 on the banks of the Svisloch as a gift to Minsk from Moscow in honor of the 200th birthday of the poet.

Earlier in Belarus already had a scandal around the monument to Pushkin. In 2015 Mogilev has put a statue of the poet with lines from the poem “to the Slanderers of Russia”, which some residents considered a manifestation of “the aggressive attitude of Russia towards other countries and peoples.” It was reported that a few days later the inscription was painted over.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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