Named historical reason for the hatred of Poland to Russia


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The head of the Center for political analysis Pavel Danilin called a historical reason for the hatred of Poland to Russia. He said in an interview with “Parlamentskaya Gazeta” that the liberation of Warsaw for the Polish politicians is a speculative topic.

According to Danilin, Russophobic historians believe that the Soviet troops reportedly have specially stopped at Warsaw, waiting for an organized Army, the suppression of the uprising. However, Soviet forces had conducted several offensive operations, which were tired and stopped “to pull up the reserves,” added the expert. According to him, the stop was justified because the remaining forces would not be enough to storm the city.

The performance of the home Army historian called “trick” of Polish nationalists, who were sponsored in London by the Polish government in exile. This operation was not coordinated with the Soviet command, so it is suppressed. According to the expert, the poles accused the defeat of Russia.

Danilin also said that attempts to accuse Moscow of unleashing the Second world war from Poland look cynical and stupid. He believes that this is due to the coming to power of new politicians who tie their political careers with the US, considering Russia an “evil Empire.”

In 2019 Poland Russia was not invited to the event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second world war for the modern political context. According to the official version of Poland, the Soviet Union in September 1939 attacked the country together with Nazi Germany. The Polish government believes that Russia has a different perspective on the history of the world.

The German occupation ended in 1945 with Germany’s defeat on the anti-Hitler coalition. The red army drove the invaders from the territory of the USSR and Poland. January 17, 1945, was liberated Warsaw, and in February — almost the whole of Poland.

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