Named the best in Russia “Tarragon”


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Expert centre of the Russian consumers Union “Roskontrol” was named the best in Russia drink “Tarragon”. The test subjected the products of such brands as “Drinks from Chernogolovka”, Ascania, “Heliane”, “Wide Karamysh”, “Taste of the year” and “Market Crossroads” value from 60 to 110 rubles per liter. Copies of the test reports is in the possession “of the”.

The test program took into account more than 50 parameters of quality and safety. Including the experts looked at the correct marking, the presence and amount of preservatives, sweeteners and synthetic colors.

As it turned out, in all tested samples, the number of colors does not exceed the allowable rate, but not on each label indicated their presence. Because of this the brand “Taste of the year” was included in the black list “Roskontrol” and “Heliane” (no danger) and “Wide Karamysh” (reversed dyes) received a “yellow card”.

All manufacturers probably used invert syrup (made from the cheapest raw sugar) that is not listed on the packaging, but the sweeteners are not found anywhere else. All samples found preservative sodium benzoate. The amount was significant, but not exceeding the permissible norm.

The product under the brand “Drinks from Chernogolovka”, the cheapest of the presents, was the best, according to experts, from the point of view of taste. The second they called “Tarragon” from Ascania. And the least balanced the taste of the drink from “Wide Karamysh”.

In the end, recommended to purchase three samples — “Drinks from Chernogolovka”, Ascania and “Market Crossroads”.

Previously on “Roskontrol” was named the best drinking yoghurt. Buyers are recommended brands “Sloboda”, “Vkusnoteevo”, “Agusha” and “Semper”. Yoghurts “the Company” and “Asen’evskaya farm” did not pass the test in the first found the bacteria coliform in the second exceeded the security requirements on the content of the yeast, and in 13 times. Products Agushi”, “Frutonyanya” and “Asen’evskaya farm” seemed experts floury taste, and the yogurt “Ecomachine” I noticed the flavor of oxidized fat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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