Named two possible scenarios of the transit of power in Russia


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The actions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin open the way to several possible scenarios of transit authorities in the country, Bloomberg reported, citing close to the Kremlin source.

According to him, according to the first variant, Putin may become Chairman of the state Duma and will be headed by the Council of State, whose position, according to the presidential plan for constitutional reform, will be enshrined in the basic law. The second scenario is the possible move of Putin in the security Council and the expansion of powers of this structure.

When this might happen, after the current term of Putin at the head of the state or until the expiry of his powers in 2024, not specified.

About possible scenarios of the transit of power in Russia earlier wrote “Kommersant”. According to those close to the Kremlin, it was after the presidency, Putin can lead the ruling party and become the state Council or the security Council.

January 15, Putin sent a message to the Federal Assembly announced the amendment of the Constitution, according to which the state Duma will get the right candidates for the post of Prime Minister and to the posts in his Cabinet, and the President now have these powers, would be obliged to accept the decision of the parliamentarians. According to Putin, this will lead to the fact that Russia still remains a presidential Republic, will be more open government, and the Parliament will assume greater responsibility for the work of the government. Political analyst Vladimir Slatinov in conversation with “Kommersant” said that the current model of political structure of the country is de — facto the so-called super-presidential Republic — makes it less meaningful all other government institutions, and Putin announced constitutional reform, presumably, is committed to forming a real government of the parliamentary majority.

According to a source in the Federation Council, Putin proposed amendments to the Constitution is scheduled to take until may 1 of the current year. It is anticipated that changes will be submitted for a nationwide vote, but the form in which it will be held is still unknown. Study of the constitutional reform working group, which included 75 people — deputies, senators, leaders of national-cultural autonomies, representatives of the public and business, culture and sports.

Transit authorities political scientists call the hypothetical reform of the political structure of Russia and transfer of power to Putin’s successor as President in 2024. The current head of state has repeatedly stated that he intends to adhere to the provisions of the Constitution prohibiting elected for a third term in a row.

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