Puppy was born with bright green fur


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In the American city of Canton, North Carolina, on light there was a bright green puppy. It is reported WLOS.

According to his mistress, the unusual color was only one of eight pups that were born to white German shepherd named Gypsy. Green wool alarmed the woman and she appealed to the vet.

The specialist explained that the puppy turned green due to excess of bile in maconie — the contents of the intestine of the embryo. In his opinion, eventually the greens will fade, and the wool will acquire a normal shade.

Green puppy was given the nickname Hulk. “We thought to call it a Gremlin or a Pistachio — green says the owner of the puppy. — Sometimes we call him Mr. Green. Since it was yellow, someone suggested Pikachu.” The Hulk stopped because the puppy was not only green, but also angry, like a superhero with that name.

In 2019, it was reported that residents of the U.S. state of Texas sheltered homeless kitten with 24 toes. The couple said that the unique animal named Pullo Titus (Titus Pullo) is the fourth pet in their family.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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