Russia said to Poland on the charge of rewriting history


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The Polish authorities used the story for political purposes, treating the facts as it will be beneficial for the current problems, said the Ambassador of Russia in Poland Sergey Andreev. About it reports TASS.

So the diplomat said the statement of the Polish foreign Ministry, called “an attempt to rewrite history” the publication in Russian of the documents about the liberation of Warsaw by the red Army in 1945. According to the Ambassador, with accusations of rewriting history, the Russian side is faced about any of his statements about the Second world war.

Andreev noted that Warsaw is manipulating the facts to prove the postulates, often with no real connection with the story. “They are adjusted to the justification of current political tasks and goals, and they derive from the status of our bilateral relations and approach of the Polish side to relations with Russia”, — quotes Agency of his word.

Previously, on 17 January it became known that the Russian defense Ministry has declassified documents about the Warsaw uprising, suppressed by the troops of the Third Reich. It follows that the Red army supported the rebels in all possible ways, and the population of Poland Soviet soldiers was met with genuine joy.

In 2019 Poland Russia was not invited to the event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second world war, modern political context. According to the official version of Poland, the Soviet Union in September 1939 attacked the country together with Nazi Germany. The Polish government believes that Russia has a different perspective on the history of the world.

The German occupation ended in 1945 with Germany’s defeat on the anti-Hitler coalition. The red army drove the invaders from the territory of the USSR and Poland. January 17, 1945, was liberated Warsaw, and in February — almost the whole of Poland.

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