Solved the riddle of the giant sea monsters


www.vsyako.netGiant squid caught by the French vessel “Alecto”. Tenerife, 30th November 1861 Image: / Mary Evans Picture Library /

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen, solved the mystery associated with DNA mysterious giant squid, which became the prototype of sea monsters. They reconstructed the full genome of the animal, and found that the large size of the clam are not associated with major genetic changes, as previously thought. About it reported in a press release on

The researchers isolated DNA from the tissues of Architeuthis dux. It turned out that the genome of an animal contains about 2.7 billion base pairs that are 90 percent larger than in humans. While genetics compared the DNA of a giant squid and four other species of cephalopods. Two important gene involved in the development of the embryo, Hox and Wnt architeuthis present in single copies. This disproved the hypothesis that squid is able to achieve giant sizes due to the duplication of DNA.

It was also discovered hundreds of genes in a family of protocadherins that are not commonly found in invertebrates in such abundance. Protocadherin important for proper formation of a complex brain, and it was believed that a large number of evolutionary innovation in vertebrates.

Giant squid are rarely seen, and never caught alive. Researchers know little about the lifestyle of these creatures. Officially recorded instances that have reached a length of about eight feet. Known unconfirmed rumors about larger 20-metre individuals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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