Tesla will build a plant near the German reserve


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American company Tesla will build a plant near the German reserve. Manufacturer of electric vehicles plans to build a plant in the municipality of Grünheide, Germany. This writes Bloomberg with reference to the head of the commune Arne Christian.

At this stage, working with metal detectors are combing the forest on the territory of the future enterprise in search of ammunition that could stay there since the Second world war. After the completion of their work in the business will take heavy machinery, which will clear trees from the factory. The automaker has pledged to plant new trees to replace felled and protect wildlife to deter wolves from construction sites, move to other places of bats, lizards and snakes.

The new plant will be the first company Tesla in Europe. At the moment the company has manufacturing facilities in the USA and opened in January a factory in China. The European company will provide 12 thousand jobs and will produce up to half a million cars a year, with an area comparable with the area of 200 football fields. It will be launched in July 2021. This will create an additional threat of a major German car manufacturers Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler (Mercedes brand), release at the end of 2019 fell to the lowest level in 25 years.

20 years ago in Grünheide wanted to build a factory BMW, but in the end chose Leipzig. When the administration of the commune left the company Mask with a proposal to build, they quickly took it, remembering the loss of profits.

Tesla stock has been rising for the last months. Their increase was caused by good quarterly reports, the opening of the plant in China, presentation of new models. If on 23 October 2019 to publish a report, the shares were worth 254,5 dollar apiece, at the opening of trading on 24 October the cost was 298,4 dollar. 17 January 2020 the stock is trading in the area of 513 dollars.

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